Adventure Week: Lost In Space

This design work was done for children's summer program called Adventure Week.  The theme was retro sci-fi.
The following is the design development on the logo.
The logo was used in various presentations, including t-shirt prints.
Large street banner print.
Promotion cards for our folks to invite others to come.
I designed all of the logos for various teams that the kids are placed into. Here are a few examples.
The most exciting part I played in promotions of this event, was creating an animated video. I have dabbled in After Effects before, doing some minor animations to a few logos. However, I have never done a full-on animated sequence before, with characters and a story. This was an exciting challenge and I’m so grateful for the experience!

The process began by pitching the idea to the powers that be by creating an animated test. I threw this together within an hour, which also helped me see how fast I could created elements and then put them to animation.
The pitch sold and it was then onto the next step.

I then creating an animatic to flesh out the concept and to figure out the timing. This was also useful for those who created the sound. All of the sound was done by William Caleb Parker (a man of many amazing audio talents), and the music was created by the very talented composer, Trevor Alan Gomes.
It was then on to creating the final project and adding in the final audio track. This particular video was for volunteers.
There was another variation of this video to be shared online for those attending the event. It did not include the ending “launch” sequence.
For the nights of the actual event, I created this looping animated title, for the screens and projections.
This project was a blast to work on!

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